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Hello Class 3,


Today, you are going to create your own circuit of exercises.


Start by choosing a few exercises that you like to do. 

(Jumping jacks, frog jumps, running on the spot, plank.)


Then put these exercises in an order of your choice. 


Decide how long you are planning to spend on each exercise and set up a timer.


About 8 exercises for a minute each with a 20 second rest in between would work well. 


Once you have set up your circuit, why don't you try it out with your family members. 


Don't forget to share your workout or a photo of you completing your workout on the blog or by email.


I can't wait to see them.

Here's an example! Kids Circuit: Drill Workout (FUN WORKOUT FOR KIDS AT HOME)

This FUN KIDS WORKOUT will have you sweating and moving using cones or paper plates. Perform FUN DRILLS like LATERAL SHUFFLES, SQUAT SHUFFLES, LEAP FROGS, HI...

Another example.