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What am I Describing?


Sing 'old MacDonald has a farm' with your child to get them thinking about the animals you would find at a farm. If you have been to a farm, you could talk about the visit or look at the pictures together and get them to describe each picture. If you haven't, please see the video below and talk about it. 


Describe one of the animals you have seen but do not tell them its name. Say, for example: This animal has horns, four legs and a tail. Ask them to say which animal it is. Make sure the answer could be any one of several animals and talk about the possibilities. Narrow it down by giving them more and more clues and eventually make it obvious as to which one you mean. 


Ask them to make the noise the animal might make.


When they are familiar with the game let your child take the part of the adult and describe the animal for the others in the house to name.


This activity can be repeated with other sets of objects such as zoo animals, toy sets based on transport (e.g. aeroplane, car, train, bus, boat) and musical instruments. It can be made more challenging by introducing sets of random objects to describe and name.


Look, listen and note how well they:


■ describe what they see;

■ identify the animals and imitate the sounds;

■ add new words to their vocabulary.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

You can carry on the song with whichever animals you can think of.

Take a Trip to the Animal Farm

Take a trip to an american farm and meet the animals, milk a goat and look at different eggs.