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Physical Development

The staff in Nursery have worked very hard to encourage your children to be independent and confident in the physical development of their self-care.


Here are some of the things they are encouraged to do in Nursery which you could continue to develop at home:


  • Putting on and taking off their coat (we use the batman hood method!).
  • Zipping up their coats or fastening the poppers.
  • Putting on their shoes and fastening the Velcro.
  • Pouring small drinks into cups.
  • Putting their cups away when they are finished.
  • Peeling their own fruit (sometimes they need starting off).
  • Eating their fruit whole e.g. biting apples and pears.
  • Climbing up onto the toilet with a step and washing their own hands to the wash your hands song.

A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

We try to do yoga every day in Nursery. Here are some of the children's favourite sessions.


We dance a lot in Nursery! Here are some of our favourites.