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What makes us who we are?


Discuss things that are similar and different between you and your family members - looks, hobbies, favourite food etc. We are all special because there is no-one else exactly like us on this planet – there never has been and there never will be again! (You could use the word 'unique').

Draw a picture of yourself. The picture must include (either drawn or written):

  • Something about yourself which shows a distinct physical feature (e.g: brown hair, blue eyes, light or dark skin)
  • A group that you belong to (this could be your family, a particular faith group, a friendship group, a club you belong to in school or out of school etc.)
  • A physical activity you enjoy doing (e.g: running, football, cycling, swimming, bouncing on the trampoline etc.)
  • A food you enjoy eating
  • A favourite toy

You can add further things to this list if you want to. Or replace some of the above with your own ideas.


Talk about the following questions with a grown up.

  • Is it OK to have things which make them different to others?
  • If someone looks different to you or likes doing things that you don’t like does that mean we should treat them differently?

Try to give reasons for your answers.

If you did the this lesson last week, then explore the 'toolbox' on the Childline website WITH AN ADULT.