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In PSHE today, we are finding strategies to deal with different emotions. 

Start by listening to the story 'My Mouth is Like a Volcano' on the link below.

Read Aloud Story - My Mouth Is A Volcano by Julia Cook


  1. What did Louis do?
  2. How did it make others feel?
  3. Could he help it?
  4. What could he have done instead?
  5. Do you ever feel like Louis?
  6. What could you do?


Sometimes it does feel as though words or thoughts are trying to ‘erupt’ from our mouths but we do have a choice about this. We can take control.


Activity - When I feel like erupting

Use the writing frame, ‘When I feel like erupting, I can…’  on the Activity sheet provided.

Write the strategies that you can use when you feel like erupting, at school and at home.