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Today, we are thinking about the key question:


Who helps us stay healthy and safe?


First, list all of the people that you can think of who help you to stay safe.


Then look at your list, for each of the people that you have named, think about:

1. How does this person keep you healthy and safe?

2. What is this person responsible for?

3. What are their responsibilities?

4. What important duties do they have?

5. What or who do they look after?

6. What makes them reliable and trustworthy?


Draw one of these people and write the answers to the questions above around them.


Now think about the following questions:


How can we help this person to do their job?

How can we make their job easier?


Add the answers to these questions around your picture in a different colour.


Talk about your picture with someone at home.


Don't forget to send in your work to the class email address.