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Close your eyes and imagine your ideal classroom, a place where everyone feels happy and safe to be and to learn. 

  • What would it look like? 
  • Imagine you are looking around, what can you see?
  • What would it sound like? 
  • Listen carefully - what can you hear?
  • How would it feel to be in that classroom?

Compile a list based on what you imagined. Record ideas on a piece of paper.

  • What did you see? 
  • What did you hear?
  • How did you feel?

From the list, create some pledges, e.g, ‘I will be kind’ ‘I will not shout’ ‘I will listen’ ‘I will share’.

On a strip of paper, draw a self portrait and write a pledge on it.

Bring your strip into school and it will be turned into a paper chain with everybody else's and displayed across the classroom.