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Think about the following questions:


Do you like taking photos?


How do you take photos?


Who do you take photos of?


Who do you share your photos with?


How do you share your photos?


Sharing photos online is a fun and easy way to let our friends and family know what is happening in our lives. Photos can be shared through messages on mobile phones, emails, instant messaging, photo sharing websites and social networks.


Every time you post a photograph online, you need to think about the following:


1. Who could this photo be shared with? Why?

2. Who wouldn't we share this photo with? Why?

3. Would another person feel hurt, embarrassed or unsafe if this photo was posted to others online? Why?

4. Is this photo safe to post on a public site? Why? Why not?

5. How could the photo be changed to make it safer?


Can you think of a single sentence that best sums up online safety in relation to posting photos? 


Send your sentences to us.