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Today's activity is lots of fun.


Watch the video below.

Fixed Fairy Tales Compilation | Three Little Pigs | Humpty Dumpty | and Lots More

Volume One of Fixed Fairy Tales episodes. Humpty Dumpty, Princess and the Pea, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Piper, Goldilocks, the Three Bears, The Gingerbr...

Choose one of your favourite fairy tales.


Can you come up with a different ending for it? 


It's up to you how you record your alternative ending. 


Will you:


 - write it?

 - type it?

 - say in to someone at home?

 - ring a friend or family member and tell them your alternative ending?


 - record yourself telling the whole story with it's alternative ending?


Please share your ideas with us on the blog or by email.

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