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This week in Reading, we are looking at a text about wolves and also the wolf character in Little Read Reading Hood and Little Red Riding Hood. 

Today, your text is a non-chronological report about wolves.

  • What do you notice about how the text has been organised? Can you name any of the features?
  • Skim read through the text and identify up to 5 words that you need to practise to help you to read the text more fluently. Underline these words in your text, write them on cards and practise reading them.
  • Identify any vocabulary that you don't understand and ask your grown up what they mean.
  • Read the text independently, with a grown up or follow along as it is being read to you.


There is a copy of the text in your pack or you can find the one that we are using today on pages 5 & 6 on the link below.