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Our 'reading lesson' today should probably be entitled 'watching lesson'. smiley


Watch the video in the link below. Pause it at 0:14 and predict what you think may happen in the rest of the video. When you have made your prediction continue watching the film. After you have finished answer the questions below.

CGI **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short : "Soar" - by Alyce Tzue | TheCGBros

Check out this heart-warming award-winning 3D animated short called "Soar" about a young girl who must help a tiny boy pilot fly home before it"s too late, c...

Comprehension questions. 


If you pause at the timings provided it will help you answer the questions. Remember to answer in full sentences.

0:43     1. What are the blueprints for?


0:57     2. What falls on the girls head?


1:24     3. What do you think the girl with the glasses is thinking? How do you know?


1:58     4. How is the boy feeling? How do you know?


            5. What do you think the overall message of the film is? Once you have decided on your message                          design a poster with it on.


Enjoy the film, it really is one of my favourites. heart