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Our reading focus today is still your favourite book - the one you wrote a review about on Monday. 


The first thing I would like you to do is think about your favourite character, it doesn't need to be the main character, it is completely your choice. Start by making a list of some of the questions you might ask them. For example, how did you feel when...? Why do you think that...? If you could change one thing what would it be? etc.


When you have your list, pretend you are interviewing them on TV and act it out. Could you take it in turns with someone at home to be the interviewer and the interviewee? You could take a photograph or even a video: a video may be fun as you could watch it back and see if there is anything you would do differently next time. If there are other people at home who would like to get involved, you could have a director or a camera person. 


I would love to ask Charlie Bucket how he felt when he found the Golden Ticket! Or, Captain Underpants why he doesn't wear trousers! laugh


Have fun. smiley