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Science: Forces

We will be studying forces this half term. 


First, speak to someone about when you already know about forces and what you would like to learn. You can put this onto the KWL grid if you want, but verbally is fine.


  • Work through the Powerpoint and all of the links until you get to the task of matching terms with their definitions. This is Task 1. The resources are below. Afterwards, check how you did. The answers are on the Powerpoint.
  • Move onto explore gravity moreso, particularly the different between mass and weight, as well as the question, 'What stops us being sucked into the very centre of the Earth?'
  • Go on to explore balanced and unbalanced forces
  • Complete the forces sheet. You must label each force and draw an arrow to represent the force. 


Main forces: gravity, air resistance, water resistance, buoyancy, general resistance, friction