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Hello Class, 2! I hope you're well. In this week's Science lesson, we are going to be thinking about the suitability of different everyday materials. This will include wood, metal, plastic, paper and rock. 


I would like you to watch this introduction video explaining this week's lesson followed by the activity on BBC Bitesize (follow the link below). Afterwards, use the 'properties of materials' word mat below to help you to fill out the sheet that is in your pack which has 3 different columns. In the middle column, try and think of a good use of that material, something that the material is good for. On the right-hand side think of some unsuitable uses of that material, maybe even silly uses! You can draw and label your ideas in each column.


To finish this lesson off, I would like you to talk to a grown up and tell them one of your suitable uses for a material and one unsuitable use. For a challenge, you could write a sentence explaining why a material is suitable for something. This may be something like: 


Metal is good for buildings because it is strong and hard to bend.


I look forward to seeing your work.


Mr Quin

Suitable Materials with Mr Quin