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Sentence Stacker - English Working Wall

Plot Point 1

It was a cold night. Nose to the ground, he searched for food as people's feet went past. (AG) Suddenly, he noticed a loving limb leaning down and lowering a crinkle cut chip. (JR) 

"Hey little guy. Are you hungry?" asked a kind voice. (ET)


Plot Point 2

The next morning, he awoke snuggled in a fresh, clean bed. Next to him, he noticed a bright, red plate with the word 'Winston' written in big black letters on the side. (MJ) The bowl was filled to the brim with crunchy, hard biscuits, which  tasted divine. He began to chug them all down. (AAm) To his amazement, the giant hand reached out to put in his bowl the sensational treat of bacon and two eggs. (PR)


Plot Point 3

After months of delicious food, suddenly every changed. New smell. New house. New everything. New routines too. (IL) In front of Winston was a small green ball topped with a peculiar looking leaf. 

"What is this? " He wondered as he attempted to bite into it. (ER) It was horrid. It was so horrid. IT was the most repugnant, horrid food he had ever tasted. (GP)


Plot Point 4

Anger built up like an eruption from a volcano. (SM) Winston snapped, rammed the plate of food at his owner and growled at the food. Her food. (AW) Outraged, he glared at the leaf and it made him remember his place in the home. (CH)


Plot Point 5

However, things were about to change. Tears dropped. Arguments were caused. Then, there was the final slammed door. The house was back to life before: Dad and Winston. (EB) Gobbling, gnawing and guzzling. Winston felt joyful once again. (CH) Winston was as happy as a child on Christmas Day. everything was back to normal but something was wrong with Dad. (GP)


Plot Point 6

Where had she gone? (AH) At that moment, he noticed a mass of foreboding black clouds gathering, choking out the light of day. He saw his Dad's eyes filling with sorrow. (PR) Winston's ears wilted as he watched Dad gazing longingly at the green leaf. Then he realised that he wasn't enjoying the food much after all. (ER)


Plot Point 7

Dad was inevitably not going to stop him as he raced out of the window like an octopus swimming away from a very dangerous predator. (AW) The thought hit him like a cupid's arrow. He looked at the green leaf and knew what he had to do. Bashing through the door, he sprinted away. (AG) Screeching to a halt, Winston could smell the scent he was searching for. He ran up to the familiar shoes and dropped the green leaf in front of them gently. (LW)


Plot Point Point 8

Seconds later, his owner appeared in hot pursuit. Dad, who looked ridiculous and dishevelled, stared awkwardly at her. (AAm) They turned towards each other and their eyes met. They both stared at each other and thought the same thing. "I can't live without you." Precisely, one year later, they were married. (GP) Wedding bells rang out in the restaurant's garden. The wedding was a collection of perfect moments: a smart Winston, a poignant kiss, a soft embrace, a happy tear, a clinking of glasses and a wagging tail. (ER)


Plot Point 9

Time passed as a married couple. A happy, joyous time where even Winston got used to his healthy dog food topped with the small, green leaves. One evening, something happened, a messy, moreish meatball fell from the sky, onto the floor and rolled into Winston's sight. (GP) Curious, he followed the trail of sauce. A dinky, petite hand reminding him of the one which saved him years before. (ER) What followed was a never-ending feast. A feast of muffins. A feast of strawberries. A feast of sweets. A feast of chocolate. A feast of friends. A feast of love. (AH)