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Sentence Stacker - English Working Wall

I Rise by Class 4


You could provoke, jeer and mock me, (GP)

With whispers, insults, your lies, (ER)

You may push me down into the dirt,

But, like lotus blooms, I rise. (AAm)


Just like the flowers blooming in Spring,

With the willpower of the river running to the sea,

Just like wishes reaching high,

Still I Rise. (CH)


Did you want to see me broken? 

Did you want to break you up like you have broken me?

Shoulders drooping down like falling dead leaves?

I know you probably find it fun to bully me, but all I want is to be happy and glee. (PR)


On the mountain wondering, still hiking, I rise,

Reaching up-soaring, dancing like stars, I rise,

I'm a whale, wailing in the tide. I'm a tree in a storm, strength from my roots, old and wise, leaving behind years of pain and shame, I rise.

Into a land that develops and grows around me, I rise.

From my family who raised me, I will hide no truth. I am the beam, the stream, the holder of my youth. (AAg)


Departing from hours of pain and worry, I rise.

Starting a world that flourishes around me, I rise.

From the mother who raised me, I bear the truth.

I am the dream, the hope, the power of my youth.

I rise, I rise, I rise. (ER)