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Plot Point 1

It was a cold night. Nose to the ground, he searched for food as people's feet went past. (AG) Suddenly, he noticed a loving limb leaning down and lowering a crinkle cut chip. (JR) 

"Hey little guy. Are you hungry?" asked a kind voice. (ET)


Plot Point 2

The next morning, he awoke snuggled in a fresh, clean bed. Next to him, he noticed a bright, red plate with the word 'Winston' written in big black letters on the side. (MJ) The bowl was filled to the brim with crunchy, hard biscuits, which  tasted divine. He began to chug them all down. (AAm) To his amazement, the giant hand reached out to put in his bowl the sensational treat of bacon and two eggs. (PR)


Plot Point 3

After months of delicious food, suddenly every changed. New smell. New house. New everything. New routines too. (IL) In front of Winston was a small green ball topped with a peculiar looking leaf. 

"What is this? " He wondered as he attempted to bite into it. (ER) It was horrid. It was so horrid. IT was the most repugnant, horrid food he had ever tasted. (GP)


Plot Point 4

Anger built up like an eruption from a volcano. (SM) Winston snapped, rammed the plate of food at his owner and growled at the food. Her food. (AW) Outraged, he glared at the leaf and it made him remember his place in the home. (CH)


Plot Point 5

However, things were about to change. Tears dropped. Arguments were caused. Then, there was the final slammed door. The house was back to life before: Dad and Winston. (EB) Gobbling, gnawing and guzzling. Winston felt joyful once again. (CH) Winston was as happy as a child on Christmas Day. everything was back to normal but something was wrong with Dad. (GP)