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Sequence of learning

English – Whole-class teaching will take place to ensure that all children are aware of the age-related expectations. Although, we shall differentiate to allow for progress to be made and ensure that the children are taught in a way that’s best suited to them as an individual.

There will be Year 5/6 statutory spellings coming home for you and your child to regularly refer to. These are spellings that the government expect your children to know by the time that SATs come around in May. As a school, we will now be following the ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ programme.

This year, we shall be teaching English, as well as other topic areas, through a key text. The texts have been specifically chosen to meet the needs of the children as well as cover the necessary areas of the curriculum. 


Text 1: The Wizard, the Ugly and the Book of Shame by Pablo Bernasconi

Text 2: Art by Tony Ross