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Stardust - narrative

Mabel looked out at the night sky and dreamed of being a star. Stars were shimmering and shiny. Stars were glistening and glowing. Stars were beautiful and blooming. Gazing at the charcoal-black sky, she wondered what she would be when she was older - perhaps a scientist, a weather reporter or a teacher. "How electrifying!" she thought.


Mabel always compared herself to her sister - the family heroine. One day, Mabel's sister found her Mum's phone and everyone called her a star. Mum praised and hugged Mabel's sister. Mabel glowered and a single tear rolled down her face.


The next day, Nanna showed Mabel and her sister how to knit. Mabel tried her best to make a fluffy, woolly scarf for her Grandad. Mabel's scarf was comfy but her sister's scarf was comfier. Mabel's scarf was neat but her sister's was neater. "This scarf is the fluffiest and softest. You're a star!" Nanna declared happily to Mabel's sister.


At the weekend, there was a school fancy dress competition and Grandad said Mabel's costume was amazing. Mabel felt elated and had a huge smile on her face. She felt sure she would win. Regrettably, she didn't win but her sister took the star prize. Grandad smiled at Mabel and stroked her hair. 


After the show, Mabel went and sat in the garden. Glancing miserably at the sky, she wished she could make her family proud like her sister. Grandad noticed she was alone because he was gentle and understanding. He spoke softly in her ear, "Please don't feel sad, it's not all that bad."


Grandad explained the theory that our world began with a big bang...Sizzle! Crash! Bang! The first magnificent, astonishing, golden star appeared. Meanwhile on Earth, the seas crashed. The seas crashed and the storms collided. The seas crashed, the storms collided and life began.


Grandad continued to explain to Mabel...All over the world, there are big people and little people. There are loud people and quiet people. There are active people and lazy people. There are sisters who snatch toys. There are sisters who don't share. There are sisters who are unkind. There are sisters who are kind. There are sisters who are caring. There are sisters who are thoughtful.