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The Lane Family's Duck Eggs

Hello Class 3,


As we are learning from home at the moment, we thought we'd share the progress of our latest batch of duck eggs.

There is no guarantee that they will hatch, but we hope that they will and that you will enjoy watching them grow and develop with us.


From, The Lane Family

First, we ordered some new Indian Runner Duck eggs from Ebay. 


19.3.20 - They arrived!


We had to leave them to settle for 24 hours after their exciting journey through the post! At the same time, we disinfected the incubator and switched it on. This allowed the temperature and humidity levels to stabilise before the eggs went in. 

Unwrapping the eggs

Unwrapping the eggs 1
Unwrapping the eggs 2

21.3.20 - After 24 hours, we drew symbols onto the egg shells. We have decided to turn the eggs by hand instead of using the automatic turning function in the incubator as this seems to work better with duck eggs. The symbols help us to see if we've turned them or not.


Then we carefully placed the eggs into the incubator.

Putting the eggs into the incubator

Putting the eggs into the incubator 1
Putting the eggs into the incubator 2
26.3.20 Three times a day, we turn the eggs and mist them with water.

Turning the eggs

Turning the eggs 1

29.3.20 - Now that the eggs have been in the incubator for more than seven days, we can have our first look at what's happening inside the eggs. To do this, we hold a torch close to the shell. It's called candling. Unfortunately, two of the eggs look empty but the other four may have something in them.


Look closely at the photograph, can you see a shadow inside this egg? 

Candling the eggs

Candling the eggs 1
Check back soon for the latest update!