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The Wizards of Once - Twice Magic by Cressida Cowell

Cressida Cowell's The Wizards of Once: Twice Magic

Cressida Cowell's No.1 Bestselling Series IS BACK!Enter a land of wizards, warriors, mythical creatures and powerful magic in an exciting fantasy adventure f...

Hello Class 4, 


I know we were enjoying reading this book in school so I've continued reading from where we'd got to together. I hadn't realised that the chapters were so long! Check back regularly to hear the next chapter.


Mrs Lane

Chapter 7

Chapter 8 - part 1.mp3

Chapter 8 part 2.mp3

Chapter 8 part 3.mp3

Chapter 9 - part 1.mp3

Chapter 9 - part 2.mp3

Chapter 9 - part 3.mp3

Chapter 9 - part 4.mp3

Chapter 10 part 1.mp3

Chapter 10 part 2.mp3

Chapter 10 part 3.mp3

Chapter 10 part 4.mp3

Chapter 10 part 5.mp3

Chapter 10 part 6.mp3

Chapter 10 part 7.mp3

Chapter 11.mp3

Chapter 12.mp3

Chapter 13.mp3

Chapter 14(1).mp3

Chapter 15(1).mp3

Chapter 16.mp3

Chapter 17.mp3

Chapter 18-1.mp3

Chapter 18 - 2.mp3

Chapter 19 - 1.mp3

Chapter 19-2.mp3

Epilogue 1.mp3

Epilogue 2.mp3

Never and Forever.mp3

If you are enjoying the story and your parents would like to buy you your own copy, follow the link below.