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This Week's Learning


This Week's Learning

This week we will be using the text 'Once There Were Giants' to think about how humans grow and develop from baby to toddler, child, teenager, adult and elderly person. We will be discussing our hopes for the future and exploring some of the things people MIGHT do in their lives e.g. go to college/university, learn to drive, et a job, travel the world, learn a new skill, get married, have a family, invent something new etc. We will be celebrating diversity and recognising that families, people and happiness can come in all shapes and sizes and that people may chose very different ways to be happy. We will be using lots of texts throughout the week to explore the way in which we grow and change as well get older, including those below:



Reading Challenge:



This week we will be focusing on revising four sounds that the children have found particularly tricky: ow, ear, ure and er. We will be reading these sounds in words and sentences, writing them in our own writing challenges and playing lots of Phase 3 games on Phonics Play, which focus on them. Below is a link to the Phonics Play website which you can access yourself, as well as a Buried Treasure sorting game to play with your child.

(Username: cookleyphonics   Password: Cookley2020)


Below are the independent and guided writing and reading tasks children will be completing in class that you can work on at home.

This week's Guided Writing task is to complete the sentence "When I grow up..." Children will be encouraged to think about their own goals for the future. What do they think will make them happy? Do they know what they would like to be? Where they would like to live? Where they would like to visit? What skills they would like to learn? If they would like to be a Mummy/Daddy? We will be having group chats about our goals before children will be supported to record their own ideas in their own sentences. We will be focusing on writing more than one sentence and correctly demarcating these with capital letters and full stops. 


In Maths this week, we are returning to thinking about number. To bring us back to focusing on number we will be having a number hunt and focusing on number formation as lots of the children are still writing numbers backwards or forming them incorrectly. Once we are back in the 'Number Zone' we will be finding out about odd and even numbers by exploring socks, number lines and number patterns. Below you will find the number formation rhymes we use in school and some odd and even number activities that you can do at home.

Across the Curriculum

To extend your child's learning around 'Once There Were Giants' you might like to look back through baby photographs and family photographs and talk about the ways your family have grown and changed over the years. You could also use a mirror to help your children create their own self-portrait (drawing, painting, natural materials etc) or draw your whole family. Talk together about your hopes for the future and reinforce the importance of being happy and healthy. 

A game you can play together at home to get your heart rate up and develop listening skills:


Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry or via the class email. Have a great week!