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This Week's Learning


Home Learning

This week's Book of the Week is We're Going on an Egg Hunt by Laura Hughes. You can watch a version of the story below:


Reading Challenge:



This week, we will be using our Phase 3 skills to read and write in different contexts before we move on to some new skills after Easter. Below are some Phonics books which you can read together which allow you to practise and use all of the sounds we have been working on in class.

Phonics Play Login Details:

(Username: cookleyphonics   Password: Cookley2020)


Below is a Yes or No quiz you might like to read and play together.


Below are the independent and guided writing and reading tasks children will be completing in class that you can work on at home.

In adult-led writing, we will be working together to take on a real challenge... writing our own Easter stories! Children can choose to write about the story of Jesus or to plan their own Easter-themed story using the things they know about Easter. We will be supporting children to plan their own stories, thinking about the beginning, the middle and the end, before writing their very own books. 




In Maths this week, we are continuing our thinking about number. We will be focusing on addition skills and revising this skill that we explored before Christmas. We will be talking about addition being "putting things together and finding the total" and on recording our number calculations using + and = signs. 

Below is an Easter-themed addition pack that you can explore together to practise these skills:

Across the Curriculum

To extend your child's learning around Easter you might like to go on a tricky word or digraph hunt in a newspaper, cutting out the words you find, make your own Easter cards or chocolate nests, make a bunny headband or folded paper Easter basket, set up an Easter Egg Hunt at home, find out about Easter around the World (below) make your own Easter garden or make muddy hot cross buns using mud, water and sticks. 


Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry or via the class email. Have a great week!