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This Week's Learning


This Week's Learning

This week's learning will be based on the book Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae. This book of poems introduces us to the jungle and to many creatures who live there:

As part of this learning, we will be:

  • Finding out what jungles are
  • Look at real jungles on a world map, globe and on Google Earth
  • Find out which animals live in the jungle, researching and writing fact files and 'Who Am I?' clues for our friends to guess
  • Making our own bead pattern snakes using pipe-cleaners
  • Painting our favourite jungle animals using watercolours, mixing the colours we need and recreating jungle animal patterns e.g. tiger stripes, snake scales, leopard spots
  • Exploring our new Base Camp role play area
  • Singing 'Old MacDonald had a Jungle'
  • Creating and telling our own Jungle stories
  • Moving like different animals in PE


In Phonics, we will be revising our Phase 3 skills and exploring lots of different ways to use these when reading and writing. We will be playing games, going on word hunts, writing our own sentences and following clues that we can read ourselves.


In Maths, we will be revising our knowledge of teen numbers as this is something the children have been finding tricky to retain. We will be talking about teen numbers being "ten and x more" so 12 would be "ten and two more." We will be writing these numbers, counting them, building them and comparing them to each other. 


In RE we will be beginning to think about a new big question "which places are special and why?" by thinking about which places are special to us in our own lives.


We cannot wait to get our teeth into this new topic! What a wild time we will be having in Reception!