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This Week's Learning


This Week's Learning

This week's learning will be based on the book Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson. This book about unlikely friends introduces us to the the jungle at night and allows us to find out about nocturnal and diurnal jungle animals.



As part of this learning, we will be:

  • Finding out which animals come out in the jungle at night
  • Finding out how nocturnal jungle animals are adapted to suit being awake at night time
  • Writing our own jungle poems
  • Creating our own sky paintings of the jungle at dawn, midnight and dusk
  • Carrying out science experiments about light and dark
  • and finding out why a good bedtime routine and getting plenty of sleep is so important for us as people, just like the monkeys in the story
  • Choreographing our own Jungle themed movements and sequences in PE


In Phonics we will be moving on to Phase 4! How exciting! The first stage in Phase 4 focuses on being able to hear, blend, segment, read and write words with four individual sounds in them. We will begin by reading and writing 3-letter words and turning them into four-letter words e.g. writing 'ten' and turning this into 'tent.' Whilst this may sounds like a small step, being able to work with four sounds, rather than three is actually a huge step forwards in children's phonetic development and can be a real challenge. 


In Maths we will be focusing on revising our addition skills and moving on to beginning to talk about subtraction. We will use the language 'subtract' and 'take away' as children should be able to understand and recognise both terms. We will talk about subtraction being "when you take something away and find the new total" and will be mainly doing this practically, with items and resources at this point, before we move onto recording this as written calculations in the following weeks.


In RE we will be continuing our learning about special places by finding out about Christian churches, what they look like, how they are laid out and what might happen in them. 


In PSHE we will be focusing on how we can look after our friends and exploring different friendship scenarios and how we might manage them. Sometimes, being friends can be tricky and learning to manage tricky moments is a very important aspect of our learning in Reception.


We look forward to 'swinging into action' with our learning this week and hope that there will not be too much 'monkeying around!'