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This Week's Learning


Below are the main themes, topics and activities that we will be covering in class this week, linking to our Book of the Week 'The Crunching Munching Caterpillar:' If you are self-isolating, please use this page as a guide to support you to deliver home learning. 


Reading Challenge




In Phonics this week, we will be revising the Phase 3 sounds that children have been learning in the pod and at home. We will be flash-carding them, listening to their songs, reading them in words and playing lots of games linked to them. The sounds are: 



Games will include:

- Flashcards

- Charades with the actions

- Items in a bag, pull one out and write the word (clock, quid, chips, train, toast, book, fork, crown)

- Jumbled up words to unscramble

- Speed reading - how many words can we read in a minute?


We will also be learning how to write two-syllable words by clapping them and writing the sounds in each clap. E.g. desktop *desk* *top* - write "d-e-s-k" then "t-o-p." 

Here are some two-syllable words you could write together:


  • longer
  • shorter
  • popcorn
  • garden


You also have access to all of the Phase 3 games on Phonics Play which are fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend using them to practise and embed skills:

(Username: cookleyphonics   Password: Cookley2020)





Below are the independent and guided writing tasks children will be completing in class that you can work on at home.

Our guided task is to describe a butterfly using similes ('like' or 'as') e.g. Its wings are as gentle as feathers. The butterfly is as blue as the ocean. Choose a butterfly from the pictures below to describe together and write down your ideas in full sentences. Remember to include a capital letter and a full stop. 




In Maths, we will be learning about capacity. Explore this at home with jugs in the kitchen or in the bath. Explore the following language together: full, half full, empty, three quarters full, a quarter full, ml, measure. You could follow a recipe for a fruity drink or put on a tea party in your play. Below are some more ideas to extend your child's knowledge and awareness of capacity. 

Across the Curriculum


This week we will be using our Book of the Week to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. Below is a video of Miss Davies reading the story. Listen to it together and talk about the life cycle it teaches us about. 

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar

Below is a PowerPoint you can then use to discuss this life cycle in more detail:
You could create your own butterfly painting by folding some paper in half and painting one wing before folding it in half to print the other wing. You could also go on a minibeast hunt in the garden, draw your own life cycle pictures or write your own caterpillar to butterfly story. 


Let us know what you get up to on Tapestry or via the class email. We LOVE to read our messages each day.

Have a great week!