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Thrive Ideas and Activities

Welcome to our Thrive ideas and activities page. Here, you will find toolkits, activities and links to help support your child/ren with their emotional health, wellbeing and social skills. 


Wellbeing toolkits for children aged up to 7 and up to 11. These are great activities to use anytime throughout the day.
Below is a parent's guide to creative expression of emotion at home. This guide has helpful tips on how to use arts and creativity alongside your children and young people at home. It will help you find ways to safely express and manage emotions, create ‘feel good’ brain chemicals, help reduce stressful feelings and develop thinking skills.

Below are some daily ideas from Thrive to use with your children that were created in Lockdown 1. There is a weekly plan of creative, adventurous and mindful activities to do both inside and outside which can be used at any time and in any order. We hope you find them useful and we would love to see or hear about any of the activities that your children have tried by telling us on the class email.


*From Week 7 we have also included a weekly plan of activities for children aged 11-16 in case you would like to use them with your older children.

Childline have introduced some fabulous 'calm' resources on their website such as mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, yoga and interactive games and videos. It's a resource well worth exploring for children of all ages.