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In PE today we are going to be practicing bouncing a ball. When you bounce the ball, don't forget to push it down towards the ground and be ready to catch it when it bounces back up.


Can you bounce it back down again without catching it?


Can you bounce it with one hand?


Is one hand easier than the other or both?


Can you keep the ball under control if you walk and bounce the ball at the same time?


How high can you bounce the ball?


Can you bounce it high and still catch it?



Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Bounce the ball on the floor by the side of your body, then to the front and the the other side. how fast can you do it?


Find a hoop or use cones to create a circle or draw a circle on the floor. Practice bouncing your ball in the hoops. Can you catch the ball ? Every time you catch it after bouncing it in the hoop, you earn one point.