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Today in maths, we are going to be thinking about turns- half turns and whole turns.




In today's lesson we are going to be thinking about Syd and the letter he has found.


Use the PowerPoint below to help you write you sentences today.

Part 1


Look at the picture of the attic. Syd finds a letter in the attic. Where do you think the letter could be? Don't forget to use your prepositions. Use the second slide in the PowerPoint to help you.


Here is my sentence:


Syd found a letter under Grandad's hat.


Now write your own sentence using a preposition to describe where Syd found the letter.


Part 2


Now look at slide 3 in the PowerPoint. How do you think Syd opened the envelope? Practice opening an envelope at home. How did you open the envelope? 


Here is my sentence:


He ripped it open.


Now write your own sentence describing how Syd opened the letter.


Part 3


Now look at slide 4 on the PowerPoint. Imagine what grandad might be doing on the island. Think about describing Grandad's activities on the island and describe what he is doing. Don't forget your verbs ending in the suffix '-ing'.


Here is my sentence:


There was Grandad sliding down the waterfalls. Grandad had found his happy ever after.

Have a go at the football challenges below and send in your best scores.