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Please send one email including all of the work set today. Thank you.

Today in maths we are learning about missing numbers in number sentences.


For today's session you will need a number line- you can draw your own to 20 or you can print the one uploaded below (a ruler may also be used for this activity).

Starter :

Today's maths explanation

You will need to what both videos to help you complete the activity sheet.

Don't forget that you can also improve your maths by playing Numbots and Mathletics!

To warm up ready for phonics watch and say the sounds along with the video:

 Revisit/ Review:


Follow the link : 

Username: cookleyphonics

Password: Cookley2020


Once you have logged in, click resources, then Flash Cards Time Challenge, then Phase 3, then twi minute challenge and see how many sounds you get correct in the time.


Next go back to the resources page and select Rocket Rescue then Phase 3. For this activity you are using your phonics knowledge of the Phase 3 sounds you just practised to spell the words.



Today you are going to be thinking about two syllable words like the word :let-ter which when you blend the two sounds becomes the word letter.


Here is a video introducing syllables in words ( you can stop the video after the introduction and practise of two syllable words or you can watch the whole video which carries on to introduce 3 ,4 and 5 syllable words.


Now you know what a syllable is have a go at reading these words:


If the link is not opening, right click on the icon and select open in a new tab.


Now you are ready to have a go at the activity below. You do not need to print this sheet but can discuss the answers and have an adult write down your answer.



Now ask your child to read the sentence below:


Milk is a good drink for children.


Which word had two- syllables ? How did you know?



In Science we will have been looking at different types of weather. Today we will be thinking about the typical  weather for each season and what a tree would look like in each season.


Below are some ideas to help you:

This template is here as a guide and does not have to be used for this activity unless you want to use it.