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English: Demon Dentist

In this lesson, you will use the text to retrieve and infer answers to questions about chapter 3 - Whiter than White. You will explore the meaning of words and how to use a range of strategies when you come across unfamiliar words when reading. 


Follow this link and engage with the video:


Short written task: Using the text and illustrations shown from the video above, write at least 3 sentences comparing the characters Alfie and Gabz. You must use contrasting conjunctions - see below. You may use conjunctions to show similarities between the two characters, also. Again, see the examples below. Try to use these conjunctions at the start and in the middle of sentences.




Maths: Rounding

We have already studied how to round numbers in class, however, we have not rounded numbers with 6 digits. 


First up, it's the rounding rap to get you into the groove. Here's the link to the music: 


To warm up even further, if you have a dice handy at home, you could draw out and play the rounding game we have played in school. You can teach you sibling or parents how to play. More importantly, who will win?



Now, watch the video below. You MUST pause when you need to and not just watch it without doing some working out in-between. You should have a pencil and paper ready.

On this video they circle the place value of the digit next door, e.g. If you are rounding to the nearest 100, then the tens column is circled. If we were rounding to the nearest 100 following the rounding rap, we would circle the hundreds digit and then underline the number next door on the right. Either use this method, or the method shown on the video. Both work. 

Video link:


Now, have a go at this: 

Further Reasoning Problems: 

Spanish: Numbers 1-30.

Firstly, you can refresh your knowledge and recall of 1-10 using Linguascope. 

Username: sebright

Password: hola123


Follow this link and join in with the teacher who will take you through numbers 1-30 in Spanish. 


Once you are confident, open the document below and have a go!