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Get your heart beating fast with Joe, Oti or Just Dance movement sessions or even make up your own workout session. Keep going for 30 minutes to give your body the full benefit of your choice of fitness session. 


Our sound of the day is ee (as in, What can you see?). Using the green phonics folder, practise the ee sound. The sound is made up of two letters but makes one sound, which is ee. Then practise reading the ee words. Firstly encourage your child to identify the special friend in the word, (in this case ee) then Fred talk the word; s l ee p, then say the word in full; sleep. Now ask your child to apply the sound of the day into reading a sentence; I like to sleep in my bed.

Children can then practise spelling the words, this can be done by listening to the word and wiggling your fingers. How many sounds can you hear in sleep? Four sounds, hold up four fingers, then pinch each finger as you say the sound. Children can then write the word. Now ask your child to write the sentence, I sleep in bed with my ted. Encourage your child to start the sentence with a capital letter, after they sound out and record each word remind them to leave a finger space before starting to write the next word. Finally remind them to finish the sentence with a full stop. 

Now flick back to ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou and oy, encourage your child to identify the sound without seeing the picture clue and read and spell some of the words. Continue to watch the Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on either Facebook or You Tube, set 2 sounds are now streamed live at 10.00 then are available for 24 hours. 


Remember to practise your reading at least three times a week by either reading your book in your book bag or logging onto Reading Buddy. Develop your fluency by re-reading the same text a number of times. Practise makes perfect! Today, read the book, Ben helps.

Also remember to practise the words in your high frequency word wallet so you don't forget them. The words you are able to recognise in your wallet should now be read accurately when you are reading a text. Each week we will focus on new words to build up the breadth of words you able to recognise. This week please practise the following words; them, do, me, down, dad, big, went. They can be written on paper and added to your word wallet. 



Today we will be learning to recognise, write and sequence numbers to 20.

Start by counting by rote from 0-20, emphasise the 'teen' part of the word when counting (thirteen, fourteen), then count backwards from 20-0. Using a mixed pack of number cards from 0-20 check that the children can accurately read the numbers at speed. Teach the numbers that the children are struggling with. Then using chalks, water and a paint brush, felt pens or coloured crayons practise forming the numbers 0-9. Observe and inform their formation as necessary. It is important they start and finish the number in the correct place and have the correct action when forming each number. After the numbers have been practised roll a spotty die and then extend to two dice. Can children identify the number of dots rolled then write the correct number? Finally can the children order a mixed pack of number cards 0-20? Get the children to look away and turn over five numbers. Can the children identify which numbers have been turned? Can they explain their thinking using the following language (1 more than, 1 less than, is in between, comes before, comes after, is bigger than, is smaller than)? Can children identify what is 1 more and 1 less than given numbers to 20? 

Number formation


I would like you to decorate a pebble/stone then hide it for someone to find in the local area. Maybe one of your friends will find your decorated pebble. Who ever finds your pebble I am sure it will bring a smile to their day. You can create your own design. Here are a few examples.

Pebble Art


We have been contacted by Becky Fox (an ex parent governor) who has asked for A4 rainbow drawings for the corridor of the hospital she works in.  I have seen such a lot of lovely art work on Tapestry that I am sure we will be able to help her with this. Could you all do an A4 size rainbow drawing? The work can be left in the foyer at school (preferred) or you could post a photograph and we'll print it out.  See the special newsletter 4 on the website for more details.