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Today's Activity

Today you are going to be repeating and completing patterns. Patterns can be made using anything it does not always have to be shapes.

Have a go at the sheets below:


This is a different repeating pattern. This is a physical pattern that you have to do using movements. Can you follow the movements and repeat the pattern?



Watch the video to practise your sounds:


Log onto Phonics Play Username: jan21 Password: home

Select Resources, Phase 3 and then Grab a Giggling Grapheme then select All Phase 3 or if you know your child is stuck on a sound select the set with that sound in.




On phonics Play select Resources, Phase 5, Dragon's Den, ay sound.

Read the words and decide if the words are real or fake words and feed them to the correct dragon.


To practise the 'ay' sound, read the sentences and spot the 'ay' sound in the sentences.


Can a crayon spray paint? 

Can a stray cat play?

Do not delay unless you want to stay all day.


Today we are going to be going on another adventure. You are going to be exploring London from the top of the London Eye. Look at slide 23 to find out more and to see your English activities for this lesson.

Watch the video below to remind you of Florence Nightingale and why she is a person of historical relevance.
As you know Florence went to make the hospitals better places. Watch the video below to see what the hospitals were like when Florence got there.

The conditions of the hospitals before Florence changed them

Can you match up the problem with Florence's solution?

Have a go on your worksheet- Hospital Improvements.

Now have a think, can you think of the differences between the hospitals then (before Florence changed them) and now (after Florence's changes).

Have a go at the worksheet below- Comparing Victorian and Modern-Day Hospitals.