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For today's Maths activity, follow the link below.

Your Reading task for today can be found at this link.

For your English lesson, you need to edit your draft.


Start by checking the spellings and punctuation.


Then, does every sentence make sense? Is the text cohesive?


Finally, choose a couple of sentences to reimagine. Improve these sentences by changing the order of the words, adding more words, removing unnecessary phrases or just rewrite them completely in a different way.


Read through your work when you have finished.

Practise your Spanish today by following these links.

In our History lesson today, we are finding out about Cookley Sebright Primary School.


Research the school.


Initially, think about these key questions.


1. When was the school built?

2. When has the school gone through major changes?

3. Why has the school changed over the years?


What else can you find out?

At the end of the day, send your work to us as one email.