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Welcome to Terrific Thursday - one more get up. smiley




Today we are having our Spanish Cafe morning. Sorry that you guys will not be here. Click the link below and complete the BBC Bitesize lesson - Spanish: Talking about food. When you have completed the activities, you can continue your Spanish using Duolingo. 



After Spanish, we will be choosing our own learning using the following websites - Mathletics, Tackling Tables and TTRockstars. You can choose which you would like to complete. 



Using the skills you learnt yesterday, I would like you to have a go at writing a letter as either Blue or Red. Choose someone to write to and tell them all about the adventure you have had in New York. 


This is a similar task to the one you wrote as Erin from The Secret of Black Rock. Have a go and see how you get on. 


Remember, you will now be writing in the first person and using vocabulary like I, we, my, me etc. 



This afternoon we are watching a film. You can do the same, choose your favourite movie and snuggle up on the sofa. When you have watched the movie, write a film review. Include the following details - why you like it, who the actors are, a summary of the story, how many stars you would you give etc. 


I look forward to your recommendations, I would like some new movies to watch over the holidays. smiley


Have a great day and remember to email any work that you have completed.


Miss Jheart