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Reading: Rushing Rivers

Click on Lesson 4: To answer questions on a non-fiction text (part 3).

Independent Writing Day (2)

Today, you need to continue with your writing from yesterday. 


Firstly, read what you've done so far to refresh your memory. Make sure you have your plan to hand. 


Again, write in 10 minute chunks. Pause, read and edit. yes


We look forward to receiving your emails and reading your work! If you're taking a picture, then please make sure it is clear enough for us to read. laugh 


If you want to take the time to 'publish' your work (either typed or handwritten), then please do. We will not be choosing Star Writers until next Friday to give you some extra time and give us time to read them. Please have your final piece in by the end of Monday at the latest. 





Main lesson: Length

Today is seeing how well you can apply the skills you have learned. Open the document below:


PSHE: Community

Open the document below for detailslaugh


Spanish with Miss Wheeler

Spanish with Miss Wheeler - Lesson 2