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Lesson 4: To read and answer questions on a text (part 3).


Writing: Experience Day

Ben is about to FINALLY come off his game to open the mystery box placed down in front of him by Mum.

What could be inside? What do you think? Watch the video below for some ideas:

The Mystery Box

Do you think it will be any of the things above? Or something else? enlightenedI wonder if any of you will guess correctly...


Open the document below and complete the activities outlined.


Arithmetic Part 2:


Main lesson:

Today's lesson focuses on adding and subtracting decimals. You will add and subtract:

  • decimals with the same number of decimal places
  • decimals with different numbers of decimal places 
  • decimals from whole numbers. 


Just as with whole numbers, if you line up the digits correctly, you're half way there! The main difference with decimals is that there is a decimal point (which does not move!) and you sometimes need to add place holders. Line those decimal points up too!


Watch as much as the videos below as you need to. You do not need to watch them all of the way through if you do not need to. Hope you enjoy the song!

Add numbers with up to 3 decimal places

Subtract numbers with up to three decimal places | Decimals | Year 5

Adding & Subtracting Decimals Song

Join in!

Open the document below and have a go! NOTE: Do not work on the sheet. Write your answers down preferably on squared paper. Please get some from school if need be. 


PSHE : Responsibilities

What are your responsibilities? 



Open the document below: