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Today's Activity

Today's activity is all about finding the number patterns when adding or subtraction from the same number. The video below explains in more detail. Watch the video until 6:03.


In the video they use double sided counters but you can use counting resources (even pasta if you don't have counters or something similar) and move them to different sides of your paper. As one side will decrease by 1 the other side will increase by one. This will help you find all the number bonds for that number.


To practise your number bonds, here is some online colouring:



Log on to Phonics Play

Have a go at 'Space Race' phase 4


See how many planets you can make it to.




Phonics: i-e Sound/Words (Split Digraph)

Welcome to Abi Online Teach! This phonics video teaches the phonics sound split digraph i-e where children can join in and practise their phonics sounds. i-e...



Have a look at the video below.

There will be some images of words that contain the split digraph i_e. 


Have a go at writing these words down.

Phonics quick write



Have a go at reading the following sentences:


Will you invite me inside?


Can a slide shine all the time?


Is it time to get my nice prize yet?

Learning Chunk 1

Learning chunk 1 ‐ (11.02.21)

Learning Chunk 2

Learning chunk 2 ‐ (11.02.21)

Learning Chunk 3

Learning chunk 3 ‐ (11.02.21)


Today is our last day on our history topic about the ladies that helped in the Crimea war. You have learnt many facts about Florence nightingale and Mary Seacole and I would like you to compare them. The double-bubble sheet below asks you to think about facts for Florence and facts for Mary. If the facts are the same then they go in the middle bubbles that attach to both of the ladies. If the facts are a difference then they go in the bubbles that are just attached to that person. Try to think of similarities (how the ladies were the same) and differences ( how the ladies were not the same).


To help you out, here is a quick video to recall some of those facts:

Mary Seacole VS Florence Nightingale | Vile Victorians | Horrible Histories