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Lesson 4: To explore figurative language 



Today is Day 2 of independent writing time laugh

First, it's important you do a little editing of yesterday's writing. Follow these steps:

  • E1: Check for spelling and punctuation mistakes. 
  • E2: Choose ONE sentence to improve. 


Now, it's time to finish your story. Miss Dalton and I look forward to reading your endings! Remember, you can end your story on a cliff-hanger if you feel it is going to be too longer. A cliff-hangers makes the reader what the find out what happens next!


Once you are finished, repeat the short editing steps above before sending in your work. Please send in your independent writing by the end of Monday. Thank you. 

Maths: Multiplication

Warm-up: Once again, complete 3 rounds of Hit the Button 'Times tables'. What's the highest score you can get today?


Main lesson:

Today, you are going to multiply using the expanded and compact formal written methods. Both methods rely on you having strong place value knowledge and making sure your digits are lined up accurately. 


Open the document below to find out everything you need to know! (That rhymes! laugh)