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It's time to explore another author and their book! Today's author is Jess French who has written 'How to Protect the Planet'. 


First, open the extract below and spend some time reading. Then, answer the questions below:

1. Is this book ‘fiction’ or ‘non-fiction’? What is the difference? How can you tell?

2. What does it mean that the Earth is ‘a perfect system’? Use pages 10–11 to help you.

3. What does Jess French mean when she says that we don’t always treat the planet ‘with kindness’?

Now, it's time to watch and listen to Jess French below:

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Jess French

PROTECT THE PLANET with Jess French. Learn all about how to be an earth warrior!


In the video, Jess talks about how making a few changes to your everyday life can have a huge impact on the planet – for example turning lights off, walking to school, and using less plastic.


• Create a list of small changes and attach it somewhere you can see it (e.g. on the fridge at home). With your family, tick off each time one of you makes a small change. Keep track of who makes the most changes each week!


• Write a poem about a world in which we solve all of the environmental issues that Jess talks about in her book. Begin your poem with the words, ‘Imagine a world’.



We end our week of Maths today with a mystery to solve! It's great if you can print the document, but if you can't then open the MS Word version below and type/highlight on it directly. Then you can simply send it as an attachment via email. 


Get cracking! 

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