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Step 1

How many green blocks are needed to balance out the plate?

How many green blocks are needed to balance out the apple?

Step 2


Now we have both the apple and the plate, how many green blocks are needed to balance the scale?






Today's Activity


Watch the video and have a go at reading the kilograms on the scales.


When you have watched the video have a go at answering the questions below. 

Please write your answers in full sentences.

E.g. The pineapple weighs __ kilograms.





We have now learnt all our phase 5 sounds. Watch the video below to practise the sounds.

Phase 5 Phonics Flashcards


Your child already knows the 'g' sound from when they learnt their initial letter sounds but it makes another sound too. It can also make the 'j' sound. Watch the video below to find out about the soft 'g' sound which sounds like 'j'.

Soft g


Now that you know about the alternative 'g' sounds, see if you can beat the goose to say the words in the video below.

Soft g or Hard g


Now see if you can apply the hard or soft 'g' sound to the words below and sort them to the right group.


Can you write three silly sentence or question using the 'g' sounds?


Here is my example:


Did a giant frog play golf with the bugs or with the huge gorilla?


Learning chunk 1

Learning chunk 2

Learning chunk 3


After learning about algorithms(instructions) last week and thinking about how to make algorithms better. Have a look at the robots below . Each robot is meant to follow an algorithm but the algorithm is all jumbled up. Can you help each robot by writing out the algorithm in the correct order? 


You might want to pretend to be the robot and practise your algorithm. Don't forget when we turn 90 degrees left or right, we turn on the spot and the new way we are facing is now forwards. Forwards is always the way you are facing so can change many times in an algorithm.