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Roman Empire and Roman Britain


Over this week I would like you to complete some independent research and share what you have found out or made on our Blog. Try to complete at least two of the activities listed below by Friday:


  •  Research what The Romans introduced to Britain and what remained after they left. Do we still have any of  those things today?
  •  Research the local area. Were there any Roman settlements near here? If so, can you see any remains today?
  •  Draw and label a section of Hadrian's Wall. Could you build a section using Lego? If you can it would be great to see a picture on our Blog.
  •  Research what a Roman soldier would have carried with him. Do you have any similar items at home? If you do put them in a rucksack (or a shopping bag smiley) , how heavy is the bag? Could you have carried it for long?


While completing your research, if you find anything else that you think we would like to know share it with us via the Blog.

Please find below the links to some websites that you may find interesting.