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We are continuing to look at Kings and Queens in History. 

Look through the PowerPoint with a grown up and discuss the different foods that Kings and Queens ate at banquets through the years.


For your activity, I would like you to role play your own banquet. Here are some ideas of how you could do this or you could choose your own way. You do not have to have special food for your banquet, it can be whatever you are having for your normal lunch or dinner or you could make pretend food.


  • Make a crown for you and you other family members to wear when you have your dinner.
  • You and your family could dress up in your best clothes to eat your dinner.
  • Make pretend food and have a pretend banquet with your family.
  • Write a menu for your dinner or pretend banquet.
  • Write an invitation to invite your family to your royal banquet.


I hope you enjoy this activity, I would love to see pictures of your pretend banquet on the blog.