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Today I would like you to complete your final activity from the list below. They can be found on the Discovery Education website. These are five activities that needed to be complete by the end of the week:

  • Does it use electricity?
  • Mains or battery powered?
  • Labelling a circuit.
  • Conductor or insulator?
  • Electric circuits - what's wrong?

When you have completed the activities, I would like you to produce a poster detailing some of the facts that you have found out this week. Your poster can include whichever facts have interested you the most that you would like to share. A few ideas to get you started though could be: how to stay safe around electricity, or how electricity is a precious resource and we should all be taking some responsibility in saving it - turning lights off etc.


I look forward to seeing your work uploaded on the blog. 


Remember you can revisit any of the resources you have used this week. You will find the links below: