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This week I am asking you to look at the history of our local community: Cookley. By Friday I would like you to have compiled a fact file about Cookley. To get you started, I have listed some ideas as to the information you could includes:


  • School - When was the school built? How many head teachers has there been? Were children evacuated to the village during either of the wars? Did the evacuees go to our school? Etc.   
  •  Church - How old is the church? IS it Church of England or another religion? When was the church first mentioned? What is the oldest gravestone? Are there any relatives of that person still in the village? Etc.
  •  Canal - What is the name of our canal? Which waterway is it part of? What was the importance of canals and the reason they were built? When did people stop using canals to move goods around? Why was this? Etc. 
  •  Local Buildings - Are there any buildings in the village of significant importance? Have any figures from history ever stayed in the village? Historically, did the village ever have anyone particularly wealthy that lived there and employed workers from the village? Was Lea Castle actually a castle? Etc. 
  •  Anything - During your research I would like you to collect any other information that you think is interesting or that you think may have been previously unknown.


As some of you know, I was born in Birmingham and lived there until my early 20's, when I moved to Bewdley. I am not that familiar with the history of Cookley and would really like to know more about our school and the beautiful village we live and work in. 


To support you in your research I would like you to complete the BBC Bitesize activity: How can I be a historian? This will help you gain the skills that you will need to complete accurate and effective research. compile