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DT - Food Technology


I have placed your topic lesson at the beginning of the day today because I would like you to work with a grown up to plan and make a sandwich for your lunch.


Start by thinking about what you like in a sandwich that is available in your house. Do you like sweet fillings or savoury fillings? Do you like butter or spread or not? Do you like you sandwich cut into a particular shape? Draw a plan of your sandwich, label the ingredients and write a list of the tools that you are going to need to use.


When you are happy with your plan, it's time to make your sandwich.


Start by washing your hands thoroughly and then follow your plan, making sure that a grown up is nearby to help you when you need to use a knife. 


Check that your sandwich matches your plan and make a note of anything that you changed when making it.


If you can, take a photograph of your sandwich before eating it. Post your photograph on to the blog.


When you have finished eating your sandwich, make a note of anything that you would do next time to improve it.


*Remember the process that you followed to make your sandwich. You will use this for today's English lesson.