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On Friday we will be celebrating VE Day. VE Day or 'Victory in Europe Day' marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end. On 8th May 1945, the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end following Germany's surrender the day before. 


Listen to the song and find out more.

Watch the following videos and learn more. 

Activity One: 

Many countries were part of World War II. I would like you to choose one of the countries and create a fact file about it. You may choose to include current information or information from this country during the war. 


Activity Two:

Medals were given by the British Government to those who participated in World War II to reward them for bravery and serving their country. I would like you to design your own medal for someone that you would like to reward, a medal for someone who has done something special for you or someone you know. I would like you to think about the shape of the medal and the colour of the ribbon. Think about how the pattern on the medal represents the actions of the person you are rewarding. 


Upload your pictures to the blog, I look forward to seeing them later!