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For Topic today there a variety of activities you can choose from.


Activity one - I would like you to design an invite and a menu card for the party you have just planned. heart


Activity two - no party is a party without some decorations, can you design your own flags, bunting, posters etc.


Activity three - During the war parachutes were used by paratroopers, some were even accompanied by dogs. I would like you to design and make your own parachute using materials from around the house.

  • When you have finished making it, test it, time how long it takes for your parachute to fall to the floor.
  • Does the time change if you alter what you have attached to it? What difference, if any, does this make?
  • What happens if you make the same design but use different materials?


I have uploaded a video that may help you with the design and making of your parachute. 


Remember to check with an adult before you take any resources from around the house and check with the adult where best to test your parachute - you must do this safely.  


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