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Today we are going to look at the work of an artist called Jackson Pollock. Click the link to find out about the artist.

Choose an activity from the suggestions below to create your own piece of work in the style of Jackson Pollock.


1. Place a piece of paper of the floor (outside if possible or make sure you protect your floor with newspaper). Stand above the paper and drip different colours of paint on the paper.


2. Decorate biscuits or cakes by dripping different colours of icing on the top of them.


3. Using your patio, tarmac drive or the pavement outside your house (if it is safe to do so), create your own Pollock inspired painting using water. Either dip a paintbrush or your hand in the water and drip it or splash it over your outdoor 'canvas'. 


4. Chocolate painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. The instructions say to use a piece of acetate to build your chocolate painting on but a piece of baking paper should work just as well.