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So how did you find the computing on Espresso before? OK, I hope. I thought I would set you some more coding activities to complete. 


Another topic that I had planned was 'We are HTML editors'.


The Link below will take you to Discovery Education. When you click the 'login' button in the top right hand corner choose 'Coding' and not 'Espresso'. The password and username are exactly the same.


Last time you logged in you selected 'Block Coding', but today I would like you to move across to the right and select 'HTML'. There are three units in total, and we will be working our way through Unit 1 to start. There are 7 lessons in Unit 1, I would like you to complete Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 before Friday.  


Each lesson is divided into steps and each step has a set of instructions to follow, so have a go!


Let me know how you get on. smiley